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Them. [entries|friends|calendar]
I have a picture pinned to my wall.

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[27 May 2012|09:23am]
Helping the kids out of their coats
But wait the babies haven't been born
Unpacking the bags and setting up
And planting lilacs and buttercups

But in the meantime I've got it hard
Second floor living without a yard
It may be years until the day
My dreams will match up with my pay

I got a man to stick it out
And make a home from a rented house
And we'll collect the moments one by one
I guess that's how the future's done

[10 Mar 2012|08:59am]
Be my friend
Hold me, wrap me up
Unfold me
I am small
and needy
Warm me up
And breathe me

[06 Jan 2012|11:19am]
Please don't stop be mine
in a carpet made of stars
i close my eyes and dive in

[13 Dec 2011|07:41pm]

I was put together wrong, still I was made for you

When our stitches come undone, we come together like glue

[20 Nov 2011|07:48pm]
Oh baby, can't you see

I'm shining just for you

Loneliness is over

Dark days are through

[15 Nov 2009|02:53pm]

I want your psycho
Your vertigo stick
Want you in my rear window

[31 Aug 2009|06:35pm]
Some people never say the words I love you
Its not their style
To be so bold
Some people never say the words I love you
But like a child theyre longing to be told

When something goes wrong
Im the first to admit it
Im the first to admit it
And the last one to know
When something goes right
Well its likely to lose me
Its apt to confuse me
Because its such an unusual sight
I swear, I cant, I cant get used to something so right
Something so right

[10 Aug 2009|11:54am]

I talk to most guys, I can talk to most guys like crazy
To anyone I speak my mind, I tell 'em off, it don't phase me
But you shake me, boy you make me
Stop and stutter, when we touch I melt like butter

[25 Jul 2009|04:00pm]

But I have no clue
How to get through to you

I wanna hit you just to see if you cry

I wish you could feel that my love is real
But you're not a man

But with you there is no guarantee
Only expired warranty
A bunch of broken parts
And I can't seem to find your heart

I'm such a fool
I'm such a fool
I'm such a fool
This one's outta my hands
I can't put you back together again

If the past is the problem
Our future can solve them baby
I could bring you life if you let me inside baby
This will hurt but in the end You'll be a man

[23 Jul 2009|11:22am]
You better watch what you say
You better watch what you do to me
Dont get carried away
 if you can do better than me
Go...yeah, go
But remember

Good love is hard to find
Good love is hard to find
You got lucky, babe
You got lucky, babe
When I found you

You put a hand on my cheek
And then you turn your eyes away
If you dont feel complete
If I dont take you all of the way
Then go, yeah, go,
But remember

Good love is hard to find
Good love is hard to find
You got lucky, babe
You got lucky, babe
When I found you

Yeah go,
Just, go,
But remember
Good love is hard to find
Good love is hard to find
You got lucky, babe
You got lucky, babe
When I found you

[22 Jul 2009|11:16am]

My scars are yours today
This story ends so good
I love you and I understand

[30 Jun 2009|09:46am]

[18 Jun 2009|06:20pm]
Please, remember me
By the rosebush laughing
With bruises on my chin
The time when
We counted every black car passing
Your house beneath the hill
And up until
Someone caught us in the kitchen
With maps, a mountain range,
A piggy bank
A vision too removed to mention

Please, remember me
I heard from someone you're still pretty
And then
They went on to say
That the pearly gates
Had some eloquent graffiti
Like 'We'll meet again'
And 'Fuck the man'
And 'Tell my mother not to worry'
And angels with their gray
Were always done in such a hurry

Please, remember me
At Halloween
Making fools of all the neighbors
Our faces painted white
By midnight
We'd forgotten one another
And when the morning came
I was ashamed
Only now it seems so silly
That season left the world
And then returned
And now you're lit up by the city

Please, remember me
In the window of the tallest tower call
Then pass us by
But much too high
To see the empty road at happy hour
Leave and resonate
Just like the gates
Around the holy kingdom
With words like 'Lost and Found' and 'Don't Look Down'
And 'Someone Save Temptation'

Please, remember me
As in the dream
We had as rug-burned babies
Among the fallen trees
And fast asleep
Aside the lions and the ladies
That called you what you like
And even might
Give a gift for your behavior
A fleeting chance to see
A trapeze
Swing as high as any savior

Please, remember me
My misery
And how it lost me all I wanted
Those dogs that love the rain
And chasing trains
The colored birds above there running
In circles round the well
And where it spells
On the wall behind St. Peter's
So bright with cinder gray
And spray paint
'Who the hell can see forever?'

Please, remember me
In the car behind the carnival
My hand between your knees
You turn from me
And said 'The trapeze act was wonderful
But never meant to last'
The clown that passed
Saw me just come up with anger
When it filled with circus dogs
The parking lot
Had an element of danger

Please, remember me
And all my uphill clawing
My dear
But if i make
The pearly gates
Do my best to make a drawing
Of God and Lucifer
A boy and girl
An angel kissin on a sinner
A monkey and a man
A marching band
All around the frightened trapeze swingers

[31 May 2009|02:30pm]

[30 May 2009|11:19am]

[03 Jan 2009|12:19pm]
I know I'm alone if I'm with or without you
but just bein' around you offers me another form of relief
When the loneliness leads to bad dreams
and the bad dreams lead me to callin' you
and I call you and say "Come here!"

And it's bad news
Baby I'm bad news
I'm just bad news, bad news, bad news

[01 Jan 2009|10:49am]
All I need to know
Is that I'm something you'll be missing.

[13 Dec 2008|01:04pm]

Show your world to me.

[08 Nov 2008|09:29pm]
I want to breathe in the open wind.
I want to kiss like lovers do.

I want to dive into your ocean.

Is it raining with you?

? [08 Oct 2008|08:57pm]

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